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SDYF  Attendee

"The SDYF was an intensely satisfying experience for me. The vibe was amazing! Everybody was so unified. I walked around for two days with a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. To have such a legitimate yoga festival in San Diego is such a gift. I'm so excited to watch it continue to grow and shine!"



SDYF   Attendee

 "I just LOVED the giant AUM circle. It was like being lifted in one enormous wave of sound. It vibrated trough and with me. Hugging strangers, sharing smiles, connecting through sound. Magical."

Shawna Schenk

SDYF Founder & Creator

"I'm going to re-name this festival the NICE YOGA FESTIVAL as it attracts the nicest people. Everyone here is so nice! We hugged strangers all weekend long!" 

Jennifer D.

SDYF  Volunteer 

"I am SO stoked that I chose to volunteer for the event, then participate, AND experience the giant AUM circle! I met a new friend while volunteering and was able to experience new types of yoga like Shakti Naam & Kundalini. I was in need of a healing day and it never seizes to amaze me that 99% of the time I take a yoga class, I get exactly what I need at that moment in my life. The beautiful sounds that Conscious Groove created were truly therapeutic and the vendors were inviting- one in particular-Mindful Mats, a beautiful mom and daughter(s) team, who I purchased the most stunning mat that I will cherish always. I sought, I paid it forward, I opened myself up, and because of this, I was in bliss. Truly inspiring day! THANK YOU to all who helped in making this weekend a positive one! Beautiful days, with beautiful people, creating beautiful energy. Life is truly OMazing!"


SDYF  Attendee

"The most beautiful weekend I’ve had in sometime. Such wonderful people to share peace with.  Peace love joy and yoga. What an awesome event!!!"

Megan H.

SDYF Attendee

"WOW!!!!! Incredible experience! The whole weekend was magical! From doing vinyasa in the sprinkling rain, making vows to promise to love ME forever and for always, eating delicious food, kundalini yoga, reiki session, more vinyasa sessions and of course the 108 Aums listening to the waves crash on the beach! Did a lot of self-reflection and meditation and learned I can really do anything. I am much stronger than I ever thought I was and I have a new found love for myself and love for the practice of yoga and meditation. I'm already looking forward to next years festival."

Emerson, 5 years old

SDYF   Attendee

"It was the best day of my life!"

"It was the best day of my life!"


SDYF  Attendee

I was able to attend this past SDYF . It was a beautiful experience I got to share with my daughter. She took the kids class and after I got to take a class myself with her playing by my side. This is how yoga events should be.. more family oriented.

IMG_1078 (1) (1).JPG


SDYF   Attendee

"The pre-conference were I had my chakras aligned was awesome.  I love the positive vibes and all the love. I even met a new friend! I feel refreshed."

Penny B. 

SDYF   Attendee

I was totally changed. I felt a strong spiritual connection to everything and everyone sitting in the rain chanting and breathing, I just became lost in the experience, it was beautiful. I also had a very powerful reiki healing that was very emotional and has also changed a lot about me. I hope one day to be a yoga teacher; this festival just proved to me even more that that's what I want.


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