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Chocolate Covered Yoga
10:00-4:00 PM, $88
 only 80 tickets available

Experience two  natural medicines bringing healing to the mind, body and soul   in this all-day chocolate and yoga experience.


You will enjoy 7 Chocolate-Yogic Healing Rituals throughout the day where chocolate tastings are incorporated into  meditation, physical movement, breathing exercises, journaling or mudra work.


These healing sessions include:

Chocolate for Purity: This yogic experience will combine a special Yarrow and Smokey Quartz infused chocolate that enhances clarity and brings inner strength. Breathwork and sound healing will accompany the chocolate meditation to clear the mind and keep you focused for the day ahead.


Chocolate for Peace: Lavender, bergamont, Mountain Laurel and Hibiscus  infused chocolate with flower essences for calm along with amethyst will accompany a gentle yoga class to bring  ease and tranquility.


Chocolate for Gratitude: As we meditate and enjoy chocolate infused with healing spices like cinnamon clove, and fennel, flower essences and crystals essences to help us feel content and grateful, we will engage in a journaling experience to reflect and give appreciation for our lives as they are and manifest more things to be grateful for.  


Chocolate for Inspiration: In a more powerful yoga flow,  we will practice more difficult yoga poses in an inspired way using support of the props, each other and our special inspiration infused chocolate made with orchid, primrose and himalayan salt that is over 250 million years old!


Chocolate for Beauty: Engaging in chanting, energetic beauty exercises, and breathwork known to bring beauty to the skin and soul, we will incorporate a beautiful chocolate infused with peppermint and lotus to help support  your inner and outer beauty.


Chocolate for Joy: After our chocolate filled day, how can you feel anything but joy? We will connect with one another in an intimate share circle while learning a few mudras to enhance joy in our life and fight depression on a regular basis. The special chocolate shared is made with ginger, cardamom and a flower essence of Night Blooming Cereus.


Chocolate for Relaxation: Finally, Savasana. Here we will be able to sink deep into our Savasana as we have the support of a special passion flower, birds of paradise, dandelion and Kyanite infused chocolate.


This is a sensory experience workshop that is deeply healing. The chocolate used is  organic, pure, healing, raw cacao infused with flower and crystal essences to bring potent joy and growth to the body, mind and soul. The chocolate is yummy but also works as medicine.  A small piece will be given in each chocolate ritual: you will not feel full or over-eat but feel healthy, balanced and happy. You will also learn the different flowers and crystals used to bring the healing vibrations of each chocolate. Come enjoy the chocolate covered love, happiness and joy together as we celebrate the end of an epic 4-days together!


This special chocolate is included in the price of workshop. There will be opportunity to purchase the chocolates after class to keep your chocolate healing ritual going after the class!

Chocolate sponsored by Wei of Chocolate.