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SDYF success rate has increased by over 300% in one year. SDYF 2017 had 890 attendees. Its attendance rate  tripled in its second year with over 4,000 attendees:  SDYF 2019 then again increase another 1000 particpants to over 5,000 attendees. The event has held in March and it rained the past three years. We have shifted our date to the end of May and are anticipating at steady growth with a goal of at least 8,000 participants! The vending area is free and open to the public in our busy beach town of over 30,000 residents which keeps the vending area busy throughout the weekend with not only festival goers but the town people looking to eat and shop! We are Namastoked!

Social Media Reach: 

  • over 20K followers for combined social media

  • over 700K reach every 28 days  on Facebook event invite

Age and Sex Demographics of 2018 festival goers:

  • 32% men

  • 68% woman

  • Median age 32-40


Magazines, Newspapers,

Online Publicity:

Featured in over 350 stories i ncludng but limited to Yoga Journal, Yoga Digest, The Union Tribune, and San Diego Magazine

Speech by the Mayor and City Council during Opening Ceremony 

2018 Festival  Statistics:

Attendees: over 10K interest response with an attendance of over 4k festival goers

Vendors: 60

Teachers: 28

Yoga Business Partnerships: 90+

Sponsors: 12

Nonprofits: 10

2019 Festival  Statistics:

Attendees: over 15K interest response with an attendance of over 5k festival goers

Vendors: 75

Teachers: 32

Yoga Business Partnerships: 90+

Sponsors: 15

Nonprofits: 15

Email Outreach

  • over 8k contacts  on SDYF email list with a 80% open rate


Billboard Marketing

2018 Billboards: over 1.7  million impressions on 3 billboards over 6 weeks

2019 Billboards: over 8 million impressions on 5 billboards for 5 weeks

2020 Billboards: over 15 million impressions on 6 billboards for 4 weeks


TV Coverage:

Various local news channels including but not limited to Fox 5, ABC 10,  Channel 8, THE CW and San Diego 7 having  covered SDYF with live footage and various stories prior and during the event.

Radio Coverage:

KFBM + 100.7, AM 760

SDYF 2020 plans to increase these marketing revenues by at least 44% 

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