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Mex-USA border

San Diego Yoga Festival welcomes you to Imperial Beach!

San Diego is a place of sun, fun, and health. Its people are mellow, its lifestyle is breezy, and its days honor the go-with-the-flow saltiness of the Pacific’s crashing waves. Throughout San Diego are many iconic neighborhoods with various styles. We have chosen one of the most epic beach towns in San Diego County, Imperial Beach to host this powerful, life-changing, and fun, sunny event.

 Imperial Beach is the most Southwesterly city of the country. This powerful beach location is  only a few miles from Mexico: festival go-ers will be able to see Mexico from the beach! 

The entire weekend event will be held beachfront in a 3-block radius!

On Saturday + Sunday, classes   will be held directly on the sand with the Pacific Ocean crashing as festival-goers take classes in front of the main stage. We will also have the most epic vending area with healthy food,  healing services (Reiki, massage, sound healing), shopping, a kid's center, and education on mindful products and more! The vending area is FREE and open to the public while the classes  can be purchased by buying a festival ticket.  On Friday, we will have a special class at  founder of the festival's studio, the Yoga With Shawna studio (located in Imperial Beach) a mile up from where the weekend festives will be held.

This festival is honoring  the international connection and unity for all. We are inviting yogis from all over the world: our brothers and sisters from across the border  in Mexico to our brothers and sisters from across the ocean in any country anywhere.  Wherever you live and wherever you are from (down the street or down under), we for sure hope you Join us. 


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