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To use your promo code please follow the following directions:


1. Click the Eventbrite Page button below to claim your ticket. 



2.  Click “Tickets.”

We are so stoked you are coming to the festival! 

Please note, there are no refunds for any reason, including putting in your promo code wrong or not putting in a promo code. If your ticket does not show the applied discount, please follow the directions given on this page again for carefully. If it still does not work or you are confused on how to put in a promo code, contact Eventbrite and explain the situation. 

No refunds.


3. Please note you must put in your promotional code first before choosing your tickets! Click “Enter Promotional Code” (on the top of the screen under “Select Tickets”)


4. Enter the promo code given to you and click “Apply Code.”

5. The discount code should be applied and the new amount will be shown. Here is an example of a promo code for a free ticket someone won in a raffle!  

6. Choose the number of tickets your promo code applies to and click “Check Out.”

8. Fill out the information and click   “Register.”

That’s it! You will get an email with your ticket. Show up the event with this ticket!

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