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to provide healing for all   in the most positively, uplifting, healthy, happy way

to inspire and change lives for the better 

to create a conscious  and expansive gathering   truly depicting the medicine that is yoga encompassing all parts that are this ancient practice


to honor the BIGNESS of this life-changing event presenting it in powerful, conscious way that exudes professionalism, organization, and structure yet creates THE space for all participants to experience opening, growth and evolvement through purity and freedom 


to positively transform the lives of every individual who attends or works with this event from a mental, physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual, conscious, subconscious and super conscious level


to create awareness as San Diego as a defining location for yoga in the world


to celebrate the yoga commUNITY that has been built in San Diego 


to welcome, invite and encourage people to experience San Diego and its yoga scene


to nurture the teachers and students of the San Diego Yoga community giving them a 4-day festival to celebrate health and wellness and showcase themselves (their teachings, knowledges to be shared, studios, etc) 


to develop purposeful, synergistic partnerships with conscious organizations and businesses


to have this business exude righteousness and in turn bring prosperity  for all involved


to encourage and support  holistic organizations in the local community and  the expanded yoga community


to nurture a mentality of abundance in energetic and material exchange.


to build an ever-evolving festival that occurs once a year in our sunny, yoga-filled city


to play an important role in the growth of collective consciousness


to build somethihng that goes against the "norm, "for this event does not create stress but flows and creates inspiration and balance for all involved


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