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SDYF is designed to celebrate and promote its vendors: the vending area is in the largest trafficked area in the festival in front of the stage where the classes will be held and also in the center of town. The vending area is free and opento the public. The SDYF schedule funnels festival-goers into the vending area during the 30 minute breaks in between classes: these long breaks are designed to encourage festival-goers to shop. An excessive amount of similar products are not encouraged in the SDYF vending area; however, there is not an exclusivity for any one product. Vending is for two days, Sept. 9 + 10, 2023 from 8:15 AM-7:45 PM. The first class starts at 9:30 AM + last class ends at 7:00 PM.


All vendors must have all proper business licensing and be legally able to vend in the county of San Diego. Vending spots are limited; filling out this application does not guarantee vendor placement at SDYF. Booth locations will sell out and are presented on a first come, first serve level.

No applications will be reviewed after Sept. 1, 2023 (or if booths sell out before this date). Submitting this application does not gurantee acceptance as a vendor. We respect your energy and time and want to make you the most amount of money along with give you the greatest exposure. We want nothing but your success.

What size booth are you applying for?
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Vending is for 2 days: Sept. 9 + 10, 2023, 8:15 AM-7:45 PM. Booths may not stay set up overnight. Festival starts 9:30 AM-7:00 PM. Vendor Load in: Sept. 9 + 10: 8:15-9:30 AM Vendor Load Out: Sept. 9 + 10: 7:00-7:45 PM SDYF's first class starts at 9:30 am; the last class concludes at 7 PM. Low lighting is provided in the vending area for dusk. Sunset is approximately 7:15 PM. Food and Drink Vendors and Shared Booth Locations are permitted only at specific booth locations. SDYF Vendors are not permitted to share booth space on their own terms: all businesses must be filed through the SDYF permit or will be removed from the festival. Vending is nonrefundable. This is a rain or shine event. All vending is outside so electricity and WIFI is not provided. You may bring your own generator or WIFI.

VENDOR CONTRACT: This agreement is made by and between San Diego Yoga Festival (or "SDYF" in short), based in San Diego, CA, and “ Vendor” of SDYF. With this legally binding document, the aforementioned parties agree to the following: Vendor agrees to the following: Pay the agreed vendor rate for vending at SDYF Sept. 9 + 10, 2023.  2. A Valid Business Insurance is required to vend at SDYF. Vendor is solely responsible to obtain insurance coverage on property brought on to festival grounds. Vendor assumes full responsibility for items left in the facility and SDYF accepts no liability for lost, stolen or damaged property and is not required to carry additional insurance to cover Vendor’s property. 3. This is rain or shine event. There are no refunds for any reasons. Vending space cannot be transferred or credited or refunded for any reason. Events are a risk and VEndor agrees to that upon signing this contract. There are no exceptions. 4. Vendor is responsible for INSTALLATION AND TEAR DOWN of the allotted  vending space and shall set up the facilities for sale  as early as 8:00 am on September 9, 2023 and shall remove his/her facilities for sale from the Vending Area no later than 7:45 PM on September 9, 2023 and then reset up September 10, 2023 as early as 8:00 AM and take tear down by no later than 7:45 PM on September 10, 2023. Vendors must provide their own tables, tents, and any other needed materials or equipment. Tables and canopies may be available for rent 5. APPEARANCE. Vendor is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the Space provided in an organized and neat manner. Trash and Clean Up: Vendor must maintain the cleanliness of their contracted area. All trash must be tied off in drawstring-style trash bags. Vendor contracted area must be 100% free of all trash and display items at the end of The Event. This responsibility includes Vendor’s responsibility to remove bulk trash. Should Vendor fail to keep the Space in an orderly manner will result in additional removal fees. 6. EXTRA SERVICES. SDYF is not obliged to provide internet, water, electrical and drain services to Vendor. Partner shall also be responsible for payment of other charges like, electricity charges, water charges, taxes, etc. to the concerned authorities unless otherwise noted. DISPLAYS AND SIGNS. All displays in the vending area must be free standing. Nothing may attach to trees or any property belonging to Imperial Beach by any means at all. Signs must be free standing. Signs should not block other vendor's shops. All signage and display items must be contained to Booth Participant contracted area at The Event and are subject to approval, adjustments or restrictions by SDYF. 8. EMPLOYMENT OF STAFF. Vendor will employ adequate staff at Vendor’s own cost in order to operate the Space provided by SDYF. 9. PERMITS/LAW: Booth Participant is responsible for obtaining the appropriate permits (if necessary) from local authorities for their operation. All vendors must be properly licensed and insured and are to follow all laws associated with the County of San Diego and specific laws and guidelines as marked at the location of the event. Copies of the approved permits must be submitted by Vendor to SDYF no later than 5 business days in advance of The Event. All required permits must be visibly displayed at Vendor’s contracted area at all times. 10. All food (pre-packaged, beverages, and cooked vendors must obtain a Temporary Food Facility Permit/provide SDYF with their annual health permit number. TFF Vendor Applications are available at: Each separate booth is considered an independent Temporary Food Facility and must apply for and obtain a separate permit. All applications shall be received at least 14 days prior to the event. All food vendors must have all valid permits, certifications,and insurances associated with the laws of providing and selling food in San Diego County. 11. Noise and Sound Systems: Vendor is not allowed to operate music or public address systems at The Event site unless otherwise noted. 12. Security: Vendor is responsible for the security of their contracted area, goods and personal items. Vendor will bear the risk of loss for its contracted area, goods, and personal items. At no time will SDYF be liable for lost, damaged or stolen items. SDYF will not be liable to the vendor for any damage or injury caused to them or their persons, business or property by persons attending The Event, or by any other reason. Vendor agrees to take any and all precautions as they, in their sole discretion, believe necessary and appropriate to protect their interests from such risks. 13. Intoxicants: Vendor may not utilize illegal drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants inside their contracted area, on The Event site or anywhere inside or near The Event location. 14. Publicity: SDYF reserves the right to utilize any photographs or video taken of the vendor or vendor t interactions at The Event, in all forms and media and in all manners, including composite or distorted representations, for advertising, trade, publicity purposes, or any other lawful purposes. 15. Sales Tax: Vendor is responsible for collecting, reporting and paying all state and city sales tax. 16. Vehicle Access: SDYF does not provide any assistance with parking. SDYF will provide a drop off location where Vendor can unload its vehicle. Information as to the location of the drop off and load in times will be provided. 17. Location: Vendor’s may request space assignments but will be at the sole discretion of the SDYF and requested spaces may change due to any controllable or uncontrollable circumstances. 18. No glass may be provided in the vending area. 19. There are no refunds for any reason. Vending fees are not transferable and cannot be sold to other businesses. GOVERNING LAW This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the California. The parties hereby irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of any California State or United States court, located in San Diego California, for purposes of enforcement of this Agreement. This provision shall survive if this Agreement is adjudged void or should be canceled, annulled or terminated. In the event an action is instituted to enforce or remedy a breach under this Agreement, in addition to any other relief therein awarded, the prevailing party will be entitled to attorney’s fees and costs of litigation. INDEMNIFICATION AND INSURANCE Vendor shall release, indemnify, and hold SDYF, its trustees, officers, employees, and agents (collectively the “Indemnitees”) harmless from any and all liability, claims, suits, actions, damages, settlements and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of injuries to persons or damages to property resulting from Vendor’s participation in The Event. Furthermore, Vendor, for and on behalf of itself and its representatives, agents, employees, volunteers, subcontractors, suppliers, invitees, or licensees agrees to release and does hereby release the Indemnitees from any and all liability, and does hereby waive any right to claim or ask for, any reimbursement or recovery for or on account of any loss or damage to any property of Vendor or any injury to Vendor or its representatives, agents, employees, volunteers, subcontractors, suppliers, invitees, or licensees arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with Vendor’s conduct under this Agreement. AMENDMENTS This Agreement may not be amended by either party, except by a written amendment executed by a duly authorized representative of each party. LAW COMPLIANCE Booth Participant/Vendor shall comply with all laws, ordinances, rules, orders and regulations of federal, state and municipal governments, and of any and all of their departments, divisions, bureaus, agencies and subdivisions applicable thereto. LEGAL STATUS This agreement does not create any agency, employment, joint employer, joint venture or partnership between Booth Participant/Vendor and SDYF. Neither party will have the right, power or authority to act for the other in any manner whatsoever. NOTICES Any notices pursuant to this agreement will be validly given or served if in writing delivered personally or sent, postage prepaid, by U.S. first class mail to the addresses set forth below, or to such other addresses as either party may designate to the other in writing. Delivery of any notice will be deemed to be effective five days after mailing, on the date delivered if personal delivery, or by confirmed facsimile. SEVERABILITY Should any provision in this Agreement be adjudicated void or illegal, all other provisions shall continue in full force and effect and remain binding upon the parties. If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, then in place of the invalid, ineffective or unenforceable provision, a valid, effective and enforceable provision that corresponds as closely as possible to the intent and purpose of the invalid, ineffective or unenforceable provision will be inserted. WAIVER Failure by either party to enforce one or more of the provisions contained herein shall not be deemed or construed to constitute a waiver of default or waiver of any other violation or breach of any of the terms contained herein. INTEGRATION This Agreement supersedes any and all other agreements, either oral or written, and contains the entire agreement of the parties. In case of a disagreement   The laws of San Diego, CA govern this agreement and legal disputes can only be resolved in San Diego, CA. Any and all legal disputes will be at the expense of vendor and not SDYF.

Check the box if Vendor agrees to all statements. Sign and date below. Please note agreeing to terms does not guarantee the vendor placement in SDYF 2023.

Thanks for applying!We’ll get back to you soon.

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