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San Diego Yoga Festival is not a business: it is a movement:

a heart-centered creation centered on building something HUGE that affects the greater good of the world.


The festival is built on love. Our prime concern is not the money: it is the experience of LOVE, health, and making a difference in the lives of the fellow humans we get to share this Earth with.  Please know, those who work and create from this space with us are awarded with great prosperity for that is the power of the heart’s work. If you are in alignment with giving and give so without expecting anything back, the universe provides far bigger than you can ever imagine.


We are looking to bring on a team of heart-centered people: any ego-related job inquiries or contributions will be compassionately denied. The sole purpose of this festival’s existence is to bring health and wellness to thousands of people. This takes a lot of work, dedication, and effort that can only be given from the heart and soul.

Positions Available:

Outreach (Press, Corporate, and Nonprofit Outreach)

We are looking for people to help with outreach: this position is remote and involves cold calling,, collecting emails and/or contacting various businesses and organizations with contact information already collected) to help spread the word and encourage people to come to the Free Closing Ceremony and set the Aum Circle World Record with us.

Street Team and Social Media Buzz

We are looking for people to help promote our social media page building our audience and interest in our event online and also hang up posters and deliver flyers to various businesses. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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